Aging is a tough thing we all face as we all get older. For many of us we are watching our childhood action stars get older. Chuck Norris is no longer doing his spinning roundhouse kicks while Arnold’s biceps aren’t quite as big as the first Terminator movie.

Aging doesn’t mean you give up doing the things you enjoy. It just means that maintenance is more important. Much like a car, if you let it sit, never drive it and rarely change the fluids, chances are it won’t last as long. If you drive your car and keep up on the maintenance, it will continue to be reliable and you will be able to plan those long trips.

Like cars, we age.  We can’t help that earth has gravity and it begins to take a toll on the human body.  As we approach our 40’s, many experts believe we will begin to have some level of disc degeneration. For some, this will mean acute back pain. For others, this will be more severe back pain. However, your maintenance is crucial in getting the most miles out of the vehicle that matters the most, your body!

A few ways to help slow down the effects of back pain:

-Exercise helps relieve pain

Much like oil lubricates the car, exercise increases blood flow to muscles supporting the discs in your spine. Finding the proper exercises to strengthen those muscles will help support your spine.  Improving muscle support through strength and resistance exercises as well as maintaining heart health through cardio exercise, are all keys to pain relief.

-Fighting pain and inflammation

Icing can often help with pain and inflammation. A couple good herbal anti-inflammatories are cherry or pineapple juice. Cherry juice concentrate or pills are known to be a natural form of fighting inflammation. Otherwise you can use Advil or pain relievers such as Tylenol.

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