Back Pain and Ice for Fitness

back pain ice packsAfter an injury, remember the acronym R.I.C.E: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

ICCE Brand Back Recovery Shirt combines two components of RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) to help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation and swelling after an acute injury.

Ice promotes quicker recovery by decreasing pain, reduces swelling, inflammation, and muscle spasms which is why athletes use ice therapy after an acute injury or workout. Professional athletes often ice before and after events and workouts to maximize their performance. That is because cold compression has been found to reduce the risk of injury and tissue damage when applied before stressful activity, as well as advancing muscular recovery after a strenuous workout.

Compression helps relieve pain from stiff or sore muscles, reduces recovery time for repair and improves blood flow to the working muscles.

Back pain often leaves you on the couch with ice packs and the inability to get things done.  Our ICCE back recovery shirts was designed for the average everyday worker and athlete who wants or needs to stay active and mobile. Our compression shirt and ice packs apply ice and cold to the injured area of your back, reducing inflammation. Whether you are seeing a Chiropractor for your acute back pain or it was “back day” at the gym, help your body recover quicker with ice, a natural inflammation reducer. Continue to be active and let our ICCE Brand back recovery shirt compliment the work you are doing to help aid in your rehabilitation. Or try our shirt on a hot day underneath your golf shirt. Keeping the body core temperature down just might help improve your game.

Sometimes rest is not an option and we continue to aggravate our injuries because we simply do not have the time.  Some of us feel guilty when we don’t get our workout in or make it to a golf game. For me, I enjoy working out, Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ) and spending time with my children. I learned through my Sports Medical Doctor that I had a herniated / bulged disk in my upper back. This was causing pain, loss of strength and tingling fingers. Ice packs were one of the things that helped alleviate the pain; however, it bothered me to sit around the couch which kept me from my activity. This is what drove me to design this shirt.

Because our ICCE Sheets are flexible, our compression shirt conveniently allows for Cold Compression Therapy even if you’re still in motion! Our shirt is not only used by people with back pain but also for performance enhancement and preventative therapy.

Next time you have back pain but do not have the time to lie around, check out our back recovery shirt.

Have you ICCE’d yet?



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