ICCE – The Evolution of Recovery releases their first product to market. ICCE Back Recovery Shirt is a compression shirt with built-in compartments that hold lightweight, long-lasting ice sheets to target your upper and lower back pain.

Have back pain and a million things to do? Throw on an ICCE Back Recovery Shirt and get relief while getting things done. It’s no secret that ice helps reduce inflammation and aids in the recovery and rehabilitation of the body. The problem with traditional icing is that it takes time away from the day when most people don’t have it. This is why ICCE created the back recovery shirt.

The shirt is designed for people with upper and/or lower back pain. The compression shirt comes with lightweight and long lasting ice sheets that insert into built in compartments of the shirt to target the upper and lower back. Once the shirt is on, there is no need for readjustment. The ice targets the inflammation allowing the individual to stay active. Let the shirt do the work to reduce pain and inflammation when rest is not an option.

“We have so many of our partners and customers that use the product that say, why didn’t we think of this? It is incredible” say ICCE, Inc. co-founders Matt and Mike Berens. “We are amazed at the positive response we have gotten from such a wide range of people including athletes, people recovering from back surgery, physical therapy patients, chiropractors, people that are simply looking to stay cool on the job or on the golf course and everyone in between.”

When rest is not an option, use ICCE to get the recovery needed.

More information about ICCE products can be found at

chiropractor ice relief back pain http://www.iccebrand.com


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