Keeping up with your kids

Seems like yesterday when Damon and I were both in our early 20’s going to work and college. Then of course working out and living for the weekend. When friday nights came I remember looking for the cassette of LL Cool J before we hit the dance club.

Though life takes you down different paths you later realize your good friends inspired you to push yourself and supported your path. And that my friend is the reason you keep in touch.

Today Damon and I are in our 40’s and we both have four boys. As a father you want them to grow up having a role model. Now I’ve known “Big Navy” for to many years. Let’s just say it didn’t surprise me when he told me he was entering a fitness competition at 42. We always have shared the same philosophy when it came to fitness and exercise. Damon had always been a phenomenal athlete in basketball, football and whatever else he decided to put his heart into. So when he told me he was going to do this fitness competition i knew he would do it right. 

Leading by example is easier said then done. Entering a fitness competition in your 40’s takes dedication with training, meal planning and of course recovery time since were no longer in our 20’s. On top of it all, working for the US Navy and raising children can make it even tougher.

But showing your children what you can accomplish with hard work and determination will help them to overcome obstacles in their life. Staying healthy and active will allow us old guys to stay in the game with our kids much longer and enjoy our lives with them to the fullest.

Train hard, work hard and lead by example.


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